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Other Inspection Services

Other Inspection Services offered include...

  • Inspection of weight, quality, quantity, dimension, packing and marking of goods

  • Damaged cargo inspection and reporting for insurance, P&I purposes

  • Supervision of loading/unloading of goods aboard vessel; liquids/petroleum survey

  • Container survey (dry & refrigerated)

  • Damage survey on hull and cargo

  • Quality control of chemicals - testing and certification

  • Pre-shipment inspection of frozen cargo and refrigerated goods

  • Loss adjustment and Insurance surveying

  • Accident and valuation investigation

  • Engineering, technical inspection and quality assurance

  • Production cost investigating and quality evaluation of products or equipment

  • Under water inspection

  • Pre-shipment inspection of jute goods

  • Agri commodities inspection, sampling and analysis

  • Fertilizer inspection

  • Pre-shipment of manufactured goods
    • Raw material verification
    • Sampling and analysis
    • Staged production inspection
    • Checking handling procedures
    • Labeling and documentation control
    • Assessment of quality control
    • Witnessing in-house testing
    • Finished product inspection
    • Packing and marking inspection

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